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Visitlog provides 30 days trial period to learn what is Visitlog ? and How visitlog Works? To know more about Visitlog and get advantage of latest version of visitlog please contact us and we'll get back to you. Visitlog provides the packages according to customer needs and wants.-Need to translate in Swedish

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Most effective and powerfull visitor system in sweden which runs as visitor registration system and visitor management system . Visitors can register at the reception or at the selfservice kiosk and can print the labels or badges according to company's brand.

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Visit log is a simple, easy and straightforward visitor management system and visitor registration system which was made by RIW software Technology.  Visitlog welcome your visitors and stay informed concerning all visitors through whole day and it allows visitors to register . Automatically prints visitor’s badge,passes,name tags and create an overview of today’s visitor.Visitlog handles all the everyday exercises at receptionist.